Spacious mountain forest both coniferous and deciduous, meadows and pastures, cliffs, caves, brooks and rivers are home of numerous kinds of plants, mammals, fish and birds...

This area abounds in geological and biological riches. It is the hydro – geographical environment and the climate that enable the diversity of the flora, andfauna of the eco – system in the region. Among the interesting species are both common and endemic plants and animals

Such as the following:

Ursus arctos L. - bear
Canis lupus L. - woolf
Vulpes vulpes L. - fox
Lutra lutra L. - otter
Tetrastes bonasia L. - hazel grouse

And some spicies from the beaty flora :

Oxalis acetosella L. - sheep sorrel
Parnassia palustris L. - thalia
Gymnadenia conopea L. - black gress
Vaccinium myrtillus L. - black current
Plantago reniformis G.beck - Ilirian leaves
Dianthus superbus L. - Turkish carnation
Lincura L.