Homemade, natural andhealthy cooking as well as organically grown ingrediences are the main characteristic of the cuisine in the Sarajevo – Romanija region.

Cottages and fireplaces have become a frequent feature of facilities where guests are offered dishes prepared to old, almost forgotten recipes of our grandparents.

  • Veral or lamb roasted with poetatoes in iron pan in the fire
  • Lamb cooked in milk
  • Grilled lamb
  • Barbequed meat with smoked bacon, onions, mushrooms
  • Cicvara, freshly ground maize flower cooked on kajmak, with or without honey
  • Kalja cabbage or other vegetable cooked with meat
  • Charcouterie, meat smoked in traditional way
  • Various kinds of savoury pies
  • Dairy produce milk, sour milk, kajmak, cheese
  • Game (roasted in iron pan in the fire, stews)
  • Mushrooms specialities
  • Forest berries black currants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberies, cherries etc