Tourist Organisation of the city of East Sarajevo

Jahorina, Romanija and Trebević are part of the virgin nature in the land of legends full of amazing sights in the mountains, valleys, forests, springs and crystal clear mountain brooks. To be in the heart of dense forest, to breath in the balsamic mountain air, to be deafened by the sound of silence, to be left breathless by the beauty of the landscapes and views from mountaintops and yet to be only an hour away from the hustle and bustle of thebusy life in the city means to be in East Sarajevo.

Forest, medows and lush vegtation are the habitat of birds and wild animals while cler brooks and rivers are the home of the trout and crabs. Isn’t this tempting for those who love fishing and hunting? Enjoy the specialities of the local cuisine and forest fruits, there isn’t a better place than Kadino vrelo, in the upper section of the river Prača.

Anybody for a ride on a Bosnian mountain horse?… Go ahead ! Borike, horsestables are there surrounded by the unforgettable pinewood fragnance.

The steep slopes of Jahorina and Romanija are ideal for mountaineers, alpinists, paragliders and those of adventurous spirit.

Orlovača, Ledenjača, Novakova cave…, are pearls in the deapths of the Earth and present a great challenge not only for speleologists and scientists, but also for tourists.

For thos who like to experince peace and serenity, there are ruins of old civilisations to be explored as well as ancient orthodox Christian churches, monasteries and ruins of old cities.

The aim of this publication is to arouse your curiosity and to help you discover places for rest and recreation and adventure, as well as the source of creative inspiration . In brief, we recommend East_Sarajevo as place where you cannot but feel good.