The incredible colour and clarity of the Paljanska Miljacka and Mokranjska Miljacka , the Bistrica, the Prača and the Željeznica, the sparkling joy of their rapids and waterfalls, the sheer power of water in the canyon of Kazani and the timelessness of the Kadino Vrelo and the Miljacka springs are the priceless gifts of the mountains, too.

The Sarajevo – Romanija region has diverse hydrographic features. There are mountain brooks which may not have great quantity of water but which boast deep and steep canyons whit rapids and waterfalls. There are a number of mineral water springs many of which enspired ancient legends.

The Paljanska Miljacka starts south of Koran as several mountain springs at the height of 1000 m above sea level. ;The Prača river has its headwaters on the nothern slopes of Jahorina at 1462 m above the sea level and The Željeznica river is the western boundary of Jahorina.