A winter story
The story of Jahorina, Trebević, Romanija is a long one, full of snow covered woods, childrens joy and cozy homes.

The long tradition in skiing and organized skiing competitions started in 1923 when the first pair of skiis were brought to Jahorina, and the first organized skiing dates back in 1933.

The crown glory of the skiing sport in the region were the XIV Winter Olympic Games, held in 1984.

The Olympic tradition and smile are still kept in the ’Olympic Centre Jahorina’ and the mountain hosts the international Alpine skiing competition in January every year.

VThere are 25km of maintained ski pists for Alpine skiing on Jahorina ( 1529.1916 m above the sea level ). There are ski-lifts and furniculaires that cater for 7500 professional and amateur skiers every hour.

For those who love Nordic skiing, there is a piste called ’Dvorišta’ on Jahorina ( 1300-1450 m above the sea level ) with 17km of maintained pistes used both competitors and amateurs. A modern shooting gallery for biathlon is just one of the facilities for competitions such as the Balkan Championships held there in March 2004.

We strongly recommended Stambulčić piste to recreational skiers. This beatiful place on 1050m above the sea level and only 10km away from Pale. Its 1200m long piste with the level difference of 275m with a 1100m long ski-lift is very enjoyable.

The mountaineers of «  Javorina « and «  Romanija «  “ clubs will assure you that the Sarajevo – Romanija region is ideal for all kinds or recreational activities in the open for the pepole of all ages. And that is not all it has to offfer...
Expeditions to the peaks of Maglić, Volujaci, Durmitor ( MN ), Zelengora, mountains around the city, mountaineering in semi – winter conditions, climbing the highest mountain peaks, visiting caves, lakes and other natural attractions are unforgettable experiences.

Training is organized on Romanija (organized transport and equipment, ideal for beginners), activities all year round;
Camping on Novakova njiva at the foot of Novakova cave (Romanija) is a great opportunitz for one to get familiar with the south rocks of Romanija which boast 25 Alpinistic directions and are among the most attractive in the region of ex – Yugoslavia.

CYCLING (spring, summer, autumn)
The terrain and the sceenery in the lush green forests offer a fantastic opportuniti for exercising cycling skills.
Excellent 50 km lond asphalt sections in directions PaleJahorinaVrhpračaPodgrabPale.
Complete cycling equipment renting available.
Members of «  Javorina «  club organized the Pale - Herceg Novi expedition «  Sarajevo 1984 – Atina 2004 « ( 1500 km ), as well as many other expeditions in the region of ex – Yugoslavia.

The Jahorina plateau and its northern side are ideal for those who love this kind of extreme sport. Paragliders find flights with 900 m height differences particularlz interesting (Vrhprača, the highest peak of Jahorina, 1916 m).
Beginners courses (5 – 7 days);
Advance courses (1 – 2 months);

In July every year, a basketball camp is organized. The camp is called „THREEPOINTS“ and trains the future basketball stars.

The bravest will wait for the highest water levels but there will be all kinds of exciment and exhilarating experiences on the lower water levels of the Tara and the Drina, too. «  Javorina » club organizes white water rafting and rafting whit experienced guides, parties and good time at camping sites with the specialities of the local cuisine and camp fire.

The attractive slopes of Jahorina are excellent for snowboarding.

  • High quality coutses with expert instructors;
  • Equipment rentinting available.
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