To venture into the unspoilt woodlands is to explore the forests around East Sarajevo on the slopes of Jahorina, Romanija and Trebević. This unique experince of ecological and biological diversity is something that everybody who lives there respect and preserves but also offers to visitors in the search of relaxation and active holiday.

The forest of Jahorina, Romanija and Trebević are mainly coniferous. There are no clear boundaries between the types of trees as one can find beech trees at the height of 1750 m above the sea level. At 110 to 1750 m above sea level there are also maple trees to be found among the conifers.

The mountains are famous for its pine trees. The sub-Alpine medows and pastures cover the ground at 1600 to 1916 m above sea level on Jahorina. Ther the mountain tops are covered by high quality grass and it is the pastures that the local farmers have to thank for the excellent dairy and meat products which are famous. The lime in the soil is responsible for the high content of calcium in the plants on the pastures , many of which are known for their exceptional medicinal value. Some of those plants are common mallow, juniper, basil, mint, as well as strawbarries, black currants, raspeberries and blacberries..