Goli Koran
The hills of Goli Koran the vicinity of Pale. It boasts carefully maintained trekking paths ideal for nature lovers. This is ideal place for picnic, recreation and sport activities.

This place is situated at the meeting point of Ozren and Romanija, it's a favourite place of many people who love trekking and strolling through unspolit woods or who go in for hunting. In the local hunters’ lodge which is perfectly snuggled in the surroundings visitors can get refreshments and taste the famous specialities of the local cuisine. It is a holiday for taste buds.

Here, Nature has given us beautiful sceenery, rolling hills under pine and beech trees, meadows and pastures, clean mountain air and adundance of crystal clear water. The forest of Trebević are called „the lungs of the city“ and are ideal for rest and recreation.

Kadina voda
The legend has it that a local beauty named Kada who had tuberculosis cured her illness by drinkinf the water from a well at the foot of Jahorinahills. The place was named Kadina voda and it has become a favorite place with anybody who likes the peace and quite of forest, the smell of pine and the sound of cool clear mountain brooks. The place is well maintained for visitors all year round.

The Kaljina rivers Rapids
Befor it joins the Bioštica river, the water of Kaljina performs a small miracle. In the crack of steep cliffs, the power of the waterfall has made a 10 m deep natural pool which is an ideal bathing spot. The waterfall is surrounded by a grassy plateau below woody cliffs.

Tourist ship « Zelenika »Tourist ship „Zelenika“ has the capacity of 50 pasengers and it covers the 54 km long route from Višegrad to Perućac, on lake Bajina bašta at the Hydro

Vilina vlas spa
The area around thermal water springs in Vilina vlas, 5 km from Višegrad boasts a well known rehabilitation centre. The temperature of the thermal water is 34 degrees centigrade and the center has modern medical equipment and indoor thermal water pool. It is famous for its old Turkish bath built in 1575 which was the beginning of spa tourism in this region.

Orlovača cave is one of the most famous underground gems which has been construced and sculptured by God’s own hand for millions of years. Its jewellery is unique and inimitable. Its hidded beauty is undiscribable, and the shapers and tableaus formed by stalagmites and stalactites alternate by those formed by many – coloured coral and arragonite decorations and unique cave collumns reminicent ofthose in ancient Greek and renesance places and monuments. The cave is also decorated by delicate stone draperies of various shapes and colours and it has perfectly designed petrified „waterfalles“. Orlovača is a unique speleological attraction which some 16.000 years ago was inhabited by ursus spaleus, ancient cave bear. Nowadays it is the habitat of the most endangered group of mammals in Europe cave bat (microc hipoptrea).

Novakova cave cave is situated on the steep slopes of Romanija and is named by a famous ancient time outlaw, Starina Novak.

Ledenjača cave is situated at the headwaters of the Miljacka. The ice in the cave often keeps during the summer so that on the hottest summer days, one can experience winter freshness.

Lipovac cave, on the Miljacka, has not been fully explored yet but it is very ineresting for visitors, especially those who like to take photographs.